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Presidential Pets of the Past

Presidential Pets of the Past Creature darlings enjoy that experience when a pet approaches welcome them toward the finish of the upsetting day. Scarcely any employments are likely more upsetting than the U.S. presidents position. That is the reason it is no amazing that presidents and their families have consistently been attached to creatures. Mutts appear to be preferred choice, yet animals from mice to crocs have likewise been presidential pets in the White House. Rundown of Presidential Pets George W. Shrubbery President George W. Shrubbery conveys Barney toward the South Portico of the White House Monday, Sept. 3, 2001, in the wake of landing Marine One. Photograph by Tina Hager, Courtesy of the George W. Shrub Presidential Library â€Å"Barney was close by during our eight years in the White House. He never examined governmental issues and was consistently a devoted friend.† President Bush recalled his little companion with these words when he passed on of lymphoma in 2013 at 12 years old. Barney, a Scottish terrier, was a blessing to George W. Shrubbery after the 2000 presidential political decision. He was consistently amiable and jumped at the chance to welcome executives, sovereigns and heads of state in the White House. Barney was even a media star, he had his own site where his fans could watch recordings from the canines point of view about visiting famous people and White House staff. â€Å"Barney and I delighted in the outdoors,† Bush said. â€Å"His most loved action was pursuing golf balls.† However, Barney could likewise lose his temper. When he bit the Reuters correspondent and the Bostons Celtics advertising executive. Among other presidential pets were a Scottish terrier Miss Beazley, an English springler spaniel Spot, a feline India, and a longhorn dairy animals Ofelia. Bill Clinton Socks, a highly contrasting homeless feline, turned into a presidential pet in 1991 when he hopped into the arms of Chelsea Clinton. When the Clinton family took the feline, he occurred in the Americas heart. He was a subject of a mainstream TV parody, Murphy Brown, an animation book and a melody, he showed up with the President on a progression of stamps in the Central African Republic. Socks was mainstream to such an extent, that a Clinton family even requested that the picture takers leave this poor feline. In 1997 a Labrador retriever Buddy joined the presidential family yet Socks wasnt a fanatic of another pooch. Hillary Clinton said that Socks â€Å"despised Buddy from first sight, immediately and forever.† At the point when Socks passed on in 2009, Bill Clinton conceded: â€Å"Socks carried a lot of satisfaction to Chelsea and us throughout the years, and pleasure to children and feline darlings all over. We’re appreciative for those memories† George H.W. Shrubbery Millie is among the most striking pets in the White House. The English springer spaniel â€Å"wrote† Millies Book: As Dictated to Barbara Bush that portrays a day in her life at the White House. In 1992 it was at the highest point of the New York Times smash hit list. Millie was portrayed in a few TV appears, including Whos the Boss and Murphy Brown. She even showed up in the scene of The Simpsons. The 15-section of land Millie Bush Bark Park on the west side of Houston is named after her. Millie took dynamic part in re-appointment. â€Å"My hound Millie find out about outside issues than these two bozos,† Bush asserted, referencing his adversaries Al Gore and Bill Clinton. Millie was even a mother of two other presidential pets: Ranger and Spot. She passed on at the age 12 of pneumonia. Ronald Reagan  Fortunate, a huge dark canine, was said to â€Å"to be a size of a horse. † And not for reason. His variety Bouvier des Flandres started in Belgium for the motivations behind pulling trucks and grouping pot. Bouviers are referred to as bold canines valuable as both family companions and watchman hounds. They require a great deal of space to practice and meander about, and the Reagans before long found that out. Fortunate was named in the respect of Mrs. Reagans mother, Edith Luckett (â€Å"Lucky†) Davis. A little â€Å"ball of fluff,† a nine-year-old doggy, transformed into an enormous canine just in a while. Fortunate delighted in running in the corridors of the White House. In any case, in spite of the endeavors at preparing, she didnt truly conform to live there. That is the reason the president and his family chose to send her to their farm in California in 1985. She kicked the bucket at 10 years old in January 5, 1995. Ronald Reagan had a couple of different canines: Rex, Cavalier King Charles spaniel; Victory, brilliant retriever; Peggy, Irish setter; Taca, Siberian imposing; and Fuzzy, Belgian sheepdog. Jimmy Carter At the point when Jimmy Carter and his family moved into the White House, they didnt take no pets along. Corn meal showed up at the White House on June 8, 1977. The canine was named out of appreciation for the Carters family Southern roots. An attractive fringe collie blend was a present to Carters little girl Amy from her teacher, Verona Meeder. Guests conceded that Amy â€Å"sure adores that dog.† She appreciated petting Grits on the means of the White House. In any case, the Carters chose to restore the canine to the Amys educator. A few sources report that one reason was that a pooch had conduct issues. Additionally, Grits didnt coexist with the Carters feline, Misty Malarky Ying Yang. In any case, it additionally might be on the grounds that Amys instructor lost her own pooch, and the young lady needed to facilitate the pity. Gerald Ford The Fords have consistently been partial to hounds. Some time before they moved to White House, they had brilliant retrievers. Their little girl, Susan, asked their family companion †a picture taker David Kennerly to assist them with getting another pooch. Kennerly reached a reproducer about a doggy. Susan astounded her dad with an adorable pooch she called Liberty. Freedom became renowned when Gerald Ford and his significant other chose to raise her with a brilliant retriever. The press became insane when Liberty brought forth nine adorable little dogs. Mrs. Portage didnt let them to be shot before they were 2 months old. The photographs were made by Kennerly and was sought after just as little dogs themselves. Freedom kicked the bucket at the age 11 of every 1986. The Fords additionally had a Siamese feline Shan and a canine Lucky.  Richard Nixon Checkers is likely the most renowned up-and-comer in the rundown of presidential pets. Nixons cocker spaniel never lived in the White House, however he turned into a superstar when Sinator Nixon referenced him in his discourse in 1952. It became to be known as the Checkers discourse when the legislator just because utilized TV to speak to the voters. Nixon adored Checkers a great deal. He generally had hounds bread rolls in his work area and delighted in watching him to play. The cocker spaniel lived with Nixon until he passed on in 1964 at the age of 13, four years before Nixon was chosen a president. Three different mutts lived with Nixon in the White House: poodle Vicky, terrier Pasha and Irish setter King Timahoe.  Lyndon B. Johnson Lyndon B. Johnson adored mutts and they cherished him a great deal. The presidents beagles, Him and Her, became superstars when the Life magazine distributed a photograph depicting how Johnson was topping up the canines ears. Several calls and letters originated from the pooch sweethearts. They composed â€Å"If somebody got you by the ears, you’d cry, too.† In any case, hounds appeared to like that a great deal. They were dealt with well overall and delighted in swimming in the White House pool and riding along in the presidents vehicle. Tragically, both Him and Her kicked the bucket at a youthful age. Him was hit by a vehicle when he was pursuing the squirrels in 1966, and Her kicked the bucket in the wake of gulping a stone in 1964. After Him and Her kicked the bucket, Lyndon B. Johnson had two different canines †collie Blanco and a blended variety hound Yuki. John F. Kennedy Charlie was a Welsh terrier the Kennedy family carried with them when they moved into the White House. Kennedy adored creatures in spite of his hypersensitivity to creature hair and needed his youngsters to have understanding of dealing with them. Jackie Kennedy offered Charlie to her significant other as a blessing during Kennedys crusade for president and he turned into a piece of their family. Notwithstanding, John F. Kennedy didnt like one Charlies propensity: He cherished just to get a stick. He generally brought the stick and drop it on the lap. The First Couple delighted in strolling outside the doors of the White House and playing with Charlie. They looked like two understudies taking a pooch for a walk. They looked so happy,† told their child Bryant. Among different Kennedys pets were ponnies, hamsters, a feline, a bunny, a pony, a canary, and seven mutts of various varieties. Dwight D. Eisenhower Heidi is presumably the main canine restricted from the White House. An excellent female Weimaraner was conceived on the ninth of May, 1955. She had a mishap on the costly floor covering in the conciliatory banquet hall. Its expense was about $20,000 around then. Due to the Heidis powerless bladder, the Eisenhowers chose to send her to their homestead in Pennsylvania. Heidi was defensive of her proprietors. She was careful about picture takers and consistently attempted to keep the First Lady from having her image taken. Heidi just hopped between the Mamie Eisenhower and the camera. Weimaraners are extraordinary family hounds, known for their chasing capacities and reliability. Heidi jumped at the chance to rest in the container on the third floor and run in the White House. During the day, she rested in the presidents private office where Eisenhower gave her head scratches. After she left Washington she had four pups and delighted in life on the ranch.

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Dictatorship and Democracy

Question: Depict about the Article for Dictatorship and Democracy. Answer: Adolf Hitlers rising forces and approaches Adolf Hitler was conceived in 1889 in Australia in the year 1913, he moved to German. In the year 1916, he was harmed by a portion of his adversary at the hour of World War I. Hitler produced various kinds of arrangements, for example, Fascism and Totalitarian system where he portrayed the political development and advancement of Germany. In 1921, Socialism and extremism have grown up around 300,000 enrolled individuals and furthermore chose 35 parliament individuals. Hitler additionally depicted Nazis approach in his book Main Kampf. Having left from armed force, he turned into a pioneer of NSDAP (Nazi gathering) in same year and he endeavored to grow such gathering. Hitler was legitimate and tedious speaker who buckled down for the urgency changes in Germany. In the year 1923, Hitler sensationalized NBHP (Nazi Beer Hall Putsch). In 1929, he began an accident of financial exchange in New York. In 1932, there were 6 million jobless individuals in Germany. At that point Nazi gathering helped that individuals. Consequently the gathering won the votes with a huge volume of accomplishment (Brower, 2013) Hitler depicted his strategies in respects of Germany in his books specifically Tyrant, Overheated patriot and Main Kampf. In his book Tyrant, he referenced the entire approaches of Tyranny. He changed the strategies of Tyranny with the assistance of Tyrant. He infested the Rhineland, killing in Versailles in the year1936. In the year 1939, he infested Poland simultaneously Second World War was started. In the year 1942 of December and 1943 of January, around 200,000 partnership warriors were slaughtered and 235,000 have taken into secure unit. After that he passed on in 30th Apr, 1945 (Thomas Sanders, 2012) References Kennedy, H. also, senders (2013).Homosexuality and Male Bonding in Pre-Nazi Germany: The Youth Movement, the Gay Movement, and Male Bonding Before Hitler's Rise. Routledge. Lee, M. A. also, Brower (2013).The Beast Reawakens: Fascism's Resurgence from Hitler's Spymasters to Today's Neo-Nazi Groups and Right-Wing Extremists. Routledge.

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Take My Test for Me Save Me from Online Tests and Failures

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Summary of the Novel Catcher in the Rye

Summary of the Novel Catcher in the Rye Catcher In The Rye Summary The story begins with a seventeen year-old Holden Caulfield’s description of his encounters with the students and the faculty of Pencey Prep, Agerstown in Pennsylvania. Holden criticizes them of being phony or superficial. Because of his poor performance academically, Holden is expelled from the school. He then packs and leaves the school after a physical clash with the roommate in the middle of the night. Holden boards a train to New York; however, he doesn’t want to return to the family and therefore checks into a hotel. In the Hotel, he dances with three tourist girls in the evening and gets into an awkward encounter with Sunny, a young prostitute who seems to be of his age. As the prostitute enters the room, Holden’s attitude changes and he becomes very uncomfortable with his situation. The prostitute becomes annoyed and leaves when Holden tells her that they need to talk, however, he pays for her time. Later, the prostitute and her pimp, Maurice, return to H olden’s room and demand for more pay than what was initially agreed on. Sunny goes ahead and takes five dollars from the wallet of Holden, and not to be enough, Holden is punched in the stomach by Maurice. Holden invites Sally Hayes, his old girlfriend, to see a musical. Sally agrees very excitedly and both of them meet for the play. They go skating after the play, and Holden hastily invites her to run away with him. However, Sally declines. Holdens mood is then deflated by Sally’s response. She walks away as Holden pleads with her to accept the apology; however, he gives up and retreats. Holden stays in the city for three days, characterized by loneliness and drunkenness. He finds himself in a museum at one point and there, he compares his life to the statues of Eskimos that were on display, which had not been changing for as long as he could remember. He eventually sneaks into the apartment of his parents when the parents are away. His sister, Phoebe, is the only person he can communicate with. Phoebe views him as a hero as she is unaware that Holden views her in a virtually identical manner. Holden shares his fantasy: he looks at himself as a guardian of children playing in t he rye field on a cliff’s edge, and his job as a guardian is to catch the children shall they wander near the brink. He misinterprets â€Å"catcher in the rye† to mean â€Å"saving children from losing their innocence.† In the middle of the night, Holden leaves the parent’s apartment and visits Mr. Antolini, a former English teacher. He is advised on life and offered a place to sleep. The advice from Mr. Antolini is at odds with his intentions of becoming catcher in the rye. When he wakes up in the night and finds Mr. Antolini patting his head in a flitty way, he is very much upset. He then leaves and spends the last afternoon roving the city, and questioning his interpretation of the actions of Mr. Antolini. Holden decides to head out west and his little sister, Phoebe decides to go with him. However, he refuses to have the company of the sister. The sister is upset and Holden cancels his plan. He then takes her to Central Park Zoo. As Phoebe rides the carousel, he realizes his mistake as he comes to the reality that he is not the â€Å"Catcher in the Rye and he needs help. The story concludes without much mention of the present day. However, Holden alludes to being in a mental hospital after getting sick and states that in September, he shall be attending another school.

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Essay on Globalization The WTO is Killing People

Since 2006, more than 500 Bangladeshi workers have died in factory fires, according to Clean Clothes Campaign, an anti-sweatshop advocacy group in Amsterdam. Experts say many of the fires could have easily been avoided if the factories had taken the right precautions. Many factories are in cramped neighborhoods and have too few fire escapes, and they widely flout safety measures. The industry employs more than three million workers in Bangladesh, most of them women. Activists say that global clothing brands like Tommy Hilfiger and the Gap and those sold by Walmart need to take responsibility for the working conditions in Bangladeshi factories that produce their clothes. From article by Vikas Bajaj published in The New York Times,†¦show more content†¦Large corporations with international undertakings stand accused of social injustice, unfair working conditions (including slave labor wages, living and working conditions), as well as lack of concern for environment, mismanagement of natural resources, and ecological damage. However, protest objectives extend beyond the claimed corporate impropriety. Multinational economic institutions, such as the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund, are seen as establishing, monitoring, and rendering judgments on global trade practices, and are viewed as the spearheads of economic globalization. These institutions, considering being the servants of corporate interests, exercising more power than elected governments and interested only in the profit motive, have increasingly become principal demonstrating targets. Although multinational corporations and international trade institutions are the subject of criticism, not all observers share a negative perspective. Many commentaries are published which speak in favor of beneficial and positive accomplishments, especially in relation to the international institutions. For instance, free trade positively contributes to overall development of the world. Global free trade promotes global economic growth, it creates jobs, makes companies more competitive, and lowersShow MoreRelatedCompare and Contrast the Current Era of Globalization with the First Age of Globalization (1850s-1920s). What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Globalization in Its Current Context?1720 Words   |  7 Pagescurrent era of globalization with the first age of globalization (1850s-1920s). What are the advantages and disadvantages of globalization in its current context? Word count: 1530   Unit Coordinator: Dr Tony Ramsay I am going to contrast the current era of globalization with the first age of globalization in many different aspects, in the mean time analysis the merits and demerits of globalization in its current context. John and Kenneth (2012, p. 28) find that the concept of globalization means theRead MoreNeo Liberal Institutionalism And The World Trade Organization1616 Words   |  7 Pagesand upgrading exchange and thriving. Utilizing GATT/WTO as an illustration, clarify the qualities and shortcomings of how these foundations manage and ensure exchange. The World Trade Organization is one of the most youthful worldwide associations thus as to oversee exchange, cognizance in worldwide financial strategy making is critical.the WTO collaborates with global associations, for instance, the World Bank and International asset. The WTO allots 10 focal points to advancing a tetramerous corporateRead MorePros and Cons of Globalization873 Words   |  4 PagesThe Pros People have been on the move, traded, migrated and colonized in the earlier times; while in the process they transformed both places that they traveled to and the places that they came from. The pro-globalization people say that it is not just good for the rich but it’s good for the poor, because back in the 1990’s, when globalization took off, about 200 million people got out of poverty in places like India and China. Globalization is the process by which economies of countries aroundRead MoreEssay on Anti Globalization3397 Words   |  14 PagesAntiglobalization Anti-globalization is a term used to describe the political stance of individuals and groups who oppose the neoliberal form of globalization (using the term globalization in a doctrinal sense not a literal one). Anti-globalization is also used to refer to opposition to international integration (using the term globalization in a literal sense not a doctrinal one). Anti-globalization can denote either a single social movement or an umbrella term that encompasses a number ofRead More The World Trade Organization Where It’s Been and Where’s It’s Going?3434 Words   |  14 PagesWhere It’s Been and Where’s It’s Going? Even dating back to times of Aristotle there has always been some form of trade and along with trade came rules and regulations. In the time of Aristotle trading took place on a smaller scale and between people much like bartering. In the modern world trade is what makes the world function on a broader and larger scale. We have become globalized as a world and we now are engaged in free trade, among many countries. There still needs to be regulationsRead MoreThe Effects of Globalization on the Phillipines and India Essay2038 Words   |  9 PagesThe Effects of Globalization on the Philippines and India Lloyd Wood In this paper the author will briefly look at the globalization of two nations, the Philippines and India. We will look at each country before globalization, the turning point where globalization began for each nation, and finally the effects of globalization on each country. This writer believes it can be successfully argued that the globalization of each country has improved the overall standard of living in eachRead MoreGlobalization: New Form of Colonization2157 Words   |  9 PagesGlobalization: A New Form of Colonization After the Second World War, a decolonization process took place - for previously slaved and colonized nations - supposedly ending almost four centuries of slavery and exploitation. It was followed by the end of the cold war and the beginning of a new era: Globalization. Although there is no exact definition of the word globalization, some experts believe that â€Å"the process of globalization not only includes opening up of world trade, development of advancedRead MoreEconomic Globalization Is The Growing Integration Of World Markets1696 Words   |  7 PagesEconomic globalization is the growing integration of world markets and the intensifying interdependence of global economies. The process has social and economic costs as well as benefits. The process is both critiqued and lauded by scholars. On one hand it provides opportunities and growth while on the other hand it creates an unequal distribution of wealth also while hurting workers rights. At the conclusion of World War II, Harry White and John Maynard Keynes aimed to create a financialRead MoreGlobalization, Privatization, and Militarization: Impacts on Criminal Justice1717 Words   |  7 PagesGlobalization, Privatization, and Militarization: Impacts on Criminal Justice INTRODUCTION Over the years, the criminal justice system has seen many changes. These changes have taken place due to the economy, social changes, environmental changes, and even cultural changes. Three items in particular that have affected the criminal justice system world-wide are globalization, privatization, and militarization. This paper will discuss the history of globalization, privatization, militarizationRead MoreBananas, Chiquita, and Globalization1604 Words   |  7 PagesBananas, Chiquita and Globalization While globalization is a relatively new phenomenon in theory, but not necessarily in history, as of 2009 it has created transnational corporations linked to government, international economic institutions, and non-government organizations. (Steger 67). With this definition bananas are a textbook example of the globalization of tropical fruit commodities. The transnational corporations of the United States, most notably Chiquita, Dole and Del Monte, have been

History and Geography“the Foundations of Culture Free Essays

History helps define a nation’s â€Å"mission,† how t perceives Its neighbors, how It sees its place In the world, and how It sees itself. The history of a country is important in understanding many aspects of a culture. One cannot fully understand how businesspeople negotiate, how they conduct business, their attitudes toward foreign investment, the legal system, and other aspects of the market/business system without a historical perspective. We will write a custom essay sample on History and Geographyâ€Å"the Foundations of Culture or any similar topic only for you Order Now A historical perspective helps prepare an International marketer for many of the cultural differences that often cause misunderstandings and In many cases, mistakes. While a racketeer may not be able to change a person’s attitude or behavior, if you have an historical perspective of why they react as they do, you can gain insights that can possibly make it easier to adapt your strategies for a successful outcome. To understand, explain, and appreciate a people’s image of itself and the attitudes and unconscious fears that reflected In its view of foreign cultures, it is necessary to study the culture as It Is now as well as to understand the culture as It was-?that is, a country’s history. Loyalty to family, to country, to company, and to social groups and he strong drive to cooperate, to work together for a common cause, permeate many facets of Japanese behavior and have historical roots that date back thousands of years. To understand, explain, and appreciate a people’s image of itself and the fundamental attitudes and unconscious fears that are often reflected in its view of foreign cultures, it is necessary to study the culture as it is now as well as to understand culture as It was, that Is, a country’s history. An awareness of the history of a country Is particularly effective for understanding attitudes about the role of overspent and business, the relations between managers and the managed, the sources of management authority, and attitudes toward foreign Mac’s. History is what helps define a nation’s â€Å"mission,† how it perceives its neighbors, and how it sees its place in the world. To understand a country’s attitudes, prejudices, and fears it is necessary to look beyond the surface or current events to the Inner refinement of the country’s entire past for clues. Geography Is a study of the physical characteristics of a particular region of the earth. Involved in this study are climate, topography, and population. The interaction of the physical characteristics is one of the principal determinants of a country’s customs, products, industries, needs, and methods of satisfying those needs. Marketing is concerned with satisfying the needs of people. International marketing seeks out the whole world as its marketplace. Therefore, for an International marketer to know how to satisfy the needs of the International factors of the people’s needs are. International marketer must know that various climates and topographies do exist and that they are vital in shaping the marketing plans that an international marketer must make. As an example, a producer selling machinery in the tropics would have to realize that special protection is needed to keep a machine running properly in hot and humid climates. Study of geography is important in the evaluation of markets. Marketers need to be knowledgeable about the effects of geographic diversity on the economic profiles of various nations. Climate and topography are examined as facets of the broader and more important elements of geography. Knowledge about geography, the climate and physical terrain when appraising a market influences marketing from product adaptation to ore profound influences on the development of marketing systems. Climatic features affect the uses and functions of products and equipment. Companies looking to build manufacturing plants in countries with more liberal pollution regulations than they have at home are finding that regulations everywhere are becoming stricter. Many Asian governments are drafting new regulations and strictly enforcing existing ones. A strong motivator for Asia and the rest of the world is the realization that pollution is on the verge of getting completely out of control. Neither Western Europe nor the rest of the industrialized world are free of environmental mage; rivers are polluted and the atmosphere in many major urban areas is far from clean. The very process of controlling industrial wastes leads to another and perhaps equally critical issue: the disposal of hazardous waste, a by-product of pollution control. Estimates of hazardous wastes collected annually exceed 300 million tons; the critical question is disposal that does not move the problem elsewhere. The business community is responding positively to the notion that the focus must be on the global environment rather than the quality of the air, land, and water in our own backyards. An International Chamber of Commerce Industry Forum on the environment reflected a shift in company attitudes toward environmental issues away from a reactive and largely defensive stance to a proactive and constructive approach. Some disbeliever may dismiss such statements as â€Å"window dressing† and they could be, but the beginning of change is awareness. Responsibility for cleaning up the environment does not rest solely with governments, businesses, or activist groups. Each citizen has social and moral responsibility to include environmental protection among his/her highest goals. How to cite History and Geographyâ€Å"the Foundations of Culture, Papers

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Promise at Dawn Review Essay Example

Promise at Dawn Review Paper Essay on Promise at Dawn First for me the book of the author, after reading that, I also gave myself a promise to read it all-all-all Katsev Roman was born in 1914, died (shot) in 1980, the Russian-Jewish origin, a French citizen, Consul General, Commander of the Order of the Legion of Honor, he wrote under pseudonyms, Romain Gary and Eugene Azar. He received the Prix Goncourt for his novel The roots of the sky. In this autobiographical novel writes about his impoverished childhood, learning to be a lawyer, how he fought pilot. But most importantly a gentle, exciting, extraordinary, never and nowhere does not read like the recognition of my love for his mother, just lay down his life at the feet of his beloved boy. Former actress, brought from Russia to France, his son, starving herself, takes up any job in no way denying your child, raising him with incredible faith in a better future for him We will write a custom essay sample on Promise at Dawn Review specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Promise at Dawn Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Promise at Dawn Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer After returning from the front at the end of war, received the order from the hands of de Gaulle published his first novel, proud of their achievements and hurrying to tell his mother that he could, that he survived, told her that at every moment, at every turning point in the war, he felt the cord, linking him with it, support it, when it actually saves his son from death its them a phone call, he finds out what is behind the letters that his mother sends him to the front and what is the final mystery of the great mother With what tenderness, wit, grace writes Romain Gary in the magnificent translation Efimova! How much thought, for example, about three monkey gods the god of stupidity, god of absolute truths and God prejudices and cliches that govern all human abomination, against which rises the soul of a writer, brought a good, naà ¯ve, persistent and courageous woman . I would like to quote a lot:.. immediately recognize myself in all sufferers, and feel the pain of every wound an incredible number of people can enjoy bullfights, watch without flinching, a wounded and bloodied bull But I do not I have one bull. Something of her courage moved me and left forever. Until now, it will and the courage to live in me, and is very difficult to me to exist, forbidding despair